Setting the Business and Technology Standard

Brett Shelley, Vadosity’s Founder, sets the standard as his professional career has been about combining business acumen with technical expertise. His academic background combines a Master's in Engineering with an MBA. In terms of certifications, four Sun Certifications (Sun Certified Enterprise Architect, Sun Certified Web Component Developer, Sun Certified Java Developer, and Sun Certified Java Programmer) complement his Agile Alliance Scrum Master Certification.

Vadosity Technology Focus

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Business-Savvy Technical Professionals

Vadosity LLC is a small 100% Veteran-owned IT consulting firm specializing in the developing complex enterprise applications. Vadosity has existed since 2004 as a software development company focused on full stack development (front-end systems, middleware, databases, etc.). The company offers expertise in the following technology stack:

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Rapid Application Design and Development

Faster implementation. Lower costs. Better results. These are the goals of any software development project. The successful delivery of a new or enhanced customized software solution requires a combination of technical and business expertise working together with superior communication ability and efficient, effective processes. Without all of these things, most development efforts cost more or deliver less value than anticipated. With driven technical experts and certified Agile processes, Vadosity does front-end web, mobile, cloud, as well as backend development faster and with better results.

Solution Architecture and Architecture Planning

Vadosity’s Solution Architects help clients understand existing architectures, discover what they want from their information systems, and help construct a plan to get there–all while balancing short term and long term goals.

Agile Application Design & Development

Vadosity LLC consultants are on the forefront of Agile design and development and are expected to be certified Scrum Masters. We work in sprints, with continual feedback being a critical component of success. Our expertise is in J2EE architectures and IBM's ESB, but we are platform-agnostic and focus on scalable, reliable, robust and secure applications.

Agile, Dev Ops, and Continuous Integration

Many organizations are deploying Agile development processes on targeted teams or across the enterprise. We have experience in helping companies scale Agile, helping with adoption and optimization for better success rates. And no matter how small the project team, Vadosity LLC sees the value of approaching software development as a repeatable, factory-style process where the product is being continually built, improved, and tested in an environment where management is in control and has access to Key Performance Indicators.

Technology Selection & Integration

Many organizations do not have the bandwidth or an efficient and effective process for selecting the "best fit" technologies and vendors, resulting in redundant technology solutions, excessive cost of ownership and limited adoption. Our work approach focuses on vendor capabilities, business and technical requirements, and weighting factors. We provide a thorough implementation plan.


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