Vadosity is one of the oldest words in the English language. The Vadosity of old is all about finding the best places to ford streams and rivers. We have decided to reinvigorate the term with a software company that is 100% committed to finding the best ways to ford the toughest IT streams.

Many consulting organizations just supply IT professionals to businesses with the exclusive goal of maximizing billable hours. This is a respectable means of doing business when clients need these professional services. However, in some cases, these consulting companies lose sight of (or never focus on) creating a high quality end product. A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business. ~Henry Ford

Vadosity LLC's business model is not about maximizing billable hours. For us, it’s all about producing magnificent software products and happy clients. Engineering enterprise solutions is tough business - but it is also a creative process that we love. We want to transfer our enthusiasm to you and your team.

Vadosity is a Veteran-Owned Small Business that focuses on enterprise software development. Bringing 20 years of industry experience into play, Vadosity maintains a tremendous passion for building scalable, cloud-based software products with appealing front-end user experiences.


We serve our clients and end users by understanding their core business needs. We are committed to the agile delivery of innovative software and quality documentation.

Vadosity brings a holistic product focus into your organization. We build software that meets your requirements and exceeds your expectations. Our user interfaces provide an optimal user experience. Our back end solutions support high volume processing. And our software is accompanied by easy-to-read documentation.

Latest and Greatest Technologies: We combine the latest and the greatest technologies of the last two decades. Our experience includes: Java 8, Spring Boot, Mongo DB, HTML5, CSS3, Jquery, REST, JSON, AJAX, Amazon AWS, Scalable Vector Graphics, Oracle 11G, MS SQL Server, SQL, Tomcat 5-8, WebLogic 11g, Maven, Custom Maven Plug-ins, XML, Hibernate, Linux, Shell/Batch Scripting, Subversion, GIT, C#, MS Visual Studio, HP Fortify, SOAP and SOAP UI. If you have a project using a technology, platform, or protocol that isn't listed here, then we'll learn it. And we'll learn it fast. No excuses - just performance.


Vadosity LLC is an implementation solutions company and a Value Added Reseller (VAR) of software products

Square Bubble Reseller Program

Square Bubble is a product suite being developed by Syntegrity Innovations. It is a one stop shop for all your Integration Monitoring and Governance needs. Vadosity is an authorized Reseller serving the US market. We transparently handle all international tax and transaction processing when you purchase a License. In addition, Vadosity becomes a Value Added Reseller via its direct working relationship with the Australia-based product development team. As a Veteran Owned Small Business and software engineering company, we are committed to your success - day and night. Contact us to find out more.

Maven Plugin for IIB Versions 9 & 10

IBM combined many of its world class back end systems into a single magnificent product - the IBM Integration Bus. However, IBM did not include a Continuous Integration component for developers. Vadosity's founder completely overhauled a broken open source work and fully documented its use. This upgraded Maven plugin now delivers a comprehensive Continuous Integration solution in support of IBM Integration Bus Versions 9.x and 10.x. Many corporations such as Boeing have adopted this product. These accollades demonstrate this open source success.

The first web application that allows you to rate real and fake online news - June 2017

With YouRateNews, users are able to rate online news articles and video segments. Users anonymously rate the fakeness (authenticity), quality, and bias with a single selection using an easy-to-understand gage. Just as you can rate a restaurant where thousands of people eat, this tool gives you the ability to rate news items and websites that millions of people read or view. Interested? Check out these instructional videos created about the site: Screencast: Rate Any News Item, Screencast: Rate a Trending News Item, Screencast: Link Any Online News Item to, Screencast: YouRateNews Sign up


YouRateNews - Architecting an Enterprise Software Product from Vision to Reality

This Amazon Kindle book shows how Vadosity LLC turned a simple vision into a finished software product.

This book narrates the full creative process of envisioning, architecting and implementing a software idea through the full Software Development Lifecycle. It covers business analysis as well as the setup, coding and deployment of an enterprise application using: Mongo DB, Java 8, Eclipse, Spring Boot, RESTful web services, HTML5, CSS3, Scalable Vector Graphics, JQuery, Secure Socket Layer (x509 Certificates) and RSS feeds. Download Free Copy.


The Vadosity Map Annotator

The Vadosity Map Annotator connects your photos with custom maps and diagrams. This fun Java Swing application is packaged and installs as a Windows Desktop application. This software has been downloaded over 3000 times and counting. Check out the download page.

You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take ~ Wayne Gretzky

The Team

Daniela Shelley

Orders Management

University of South Florida

+1 (933) 333-9371

Pat Shelley

Research Director

Kent State University

We can ford any obstacle at an affordable price

We will match or beat all competing offers. We know software as well as you know your business. Together, we can achieve great results. Vadosity LLC gives you a small software company that is committed to your success. Vadosity is a Veteran Owned Small Business and GSA Federal Contractor with DUNS # 080734129 and Defense Logistics Agency CAGE Code: 7X8N8. You are invited to discover more by contacting us