Vadosity is a small software company that specializes in designing, developing and deploying Java-centric, cloud-based secure software applications. Vadosity serves its clients by solving the toughest problems with software solutions that inspire clients and teams. Vadosity differentiates itself with capabilities to research advanced scientific/financial domains and to transform this knowledge into cutting edge software solutions. Let's Achieve Maximum Vadosity™.

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We focus on the customer's underlying problem(s) and do whatever it takes to make them successful. We apply technology to solve problems – we don’t just focus on technology. We fulfill customer requirements with innovative solutions that exceed expectations. Our positive, engaged, "best idea wins" company culture differentiates us from the competition. We also embrace service at our core - understanding that we must take care of our customers and their mission - and always act in their best interest, even when it may not be in our best interest.

Niche Technologies Our current technology stack includes: VistA Integration Adapter, Docker, Java 8-9, Spring Boot, Microservices, Mongo DB, HTML5, CSS3, Jquery, REST, JSON, AJAX, Amazon AWS, SVG, Oracle, MS SQL Server, SQL, Tomcat 5-8, WebLogic 11g, Maven, Custom Maven Plug-ins, XML, Hibernate, Linux, Shell/Batch Scripting, Subversion, GIT, C#, MS Visual Studio, HP Fortify, SOAP and SOAP UI.

If you have a project using a technology, platform, or protocol that isn't listed here, then we'll learn it. And we'll learn it fast. No excuses - just performance. Discover more about Vadosity operates...


Vadosity delivers professional services that deliver software products. These products demonstrate technical competence and passion for all aspects of software engineering (architecture, design, code, documentation, etc.).



The VistA Integration Adapter (VIA) is presently the premier delivery mechanism for Veteran Health Data within the VA. At the project's inception in 2012, Vadosity's founder served as the original program lead engineer and architect. The profound stability of VIA's architecture has enabled multiple primes and new engineers to keep growing the product without significant regression. The result - critical health care information is continuously delivered to numerous front end applications. To date, government contract expenditures on this successful work have exceeded $26 million. Read our concept White Paper on taking VIA into the next decade.

A live mobile/web application at that enables you to rate real and fake online news.

With, users rate online news items and see compiled results in real time. Users rate the fakeness (authenticity), quality, and bias with an easy-to-understand gage. Interested? Check out our Product Description or product videos:
- Rate Any News Item,
- Rate a Trending News Item,
- Link News Item,
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This Amazon Kindle book shows how Vadosity LLC turned a vision into a finished software product. It covers business analysis, subject matter algorithm development, coding and deployment of an enterprise application using: Mongo DB, Java 8, Spring Boot, RESTful web services, HTML5, CSS3, Scalable Vector Graphics, JQuery and RSS feeds. Download a Free Copy.


Vadosity Map Annotator

The Vadosity Map Annotator connects your photos with custom maps and diagrams. This Java Swing application is packaged and installs as a Windows Desktop application. It demonstrates Vadosity's passion for building compelling user interfaces.Check out the download page.


Maven Plugin for IIB Versions 9 & 10

Vadosity completely overhauled a broken open source work and delivered a comprehensive Continuous Integration solution in support of IBM Integration Bus Versions 9.x and 10.x. Many Fortune 500 corporations use this open source work. These accollades demonstrate this open source success.

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Brett Shelley


Mr. Brett Shelley brings 20 years of technical leadership experience to Vadosity. He has held TS positions in national defense IT as well as public trust positions in VA Healthcare IT. He served as a bioinformatics technology consultant for Fortune 500 corporations like Merck, Pfizer, and Bosch (internationally). Mr. Shelley is a graduate of the US Military Academy at West Point and served as a combat engineer with the US Army. He has an MSME, MBA, and speaks fluent German.

Vadosity serves those who serve

Vadosity LLC delivers best value software solutions that serve the public interest. We are a VA CVE-certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business, Pennsylvania-Verified Small Diverse Business and Contractor. NAICS codes include: 541715, 541511, 541512, 541519,334111. PSC codes include: D307, D306, D308.
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