Resume Tailor Tool

Hiring managers seek keywords as they compare a resume to a job requirement. This intuitive free tool brings focus to those keywords so the resume stands out.

Hints and Tricks

The Basics: This tool allows you to rapidly tailor a resume to match a job requirement. You can do this by hand in about 30 minutes or do the same with this tool in about 1 minute.

To Be Subtle: Use Italics or boldface to quietly draw attention to keywords. A hiring manager might not notice the formatting but will remember the matches.

To Be Explicit: Use Highlighting to draw attention to entire sentences when you have just a few keyword matches.

Search and Replace: Use search and replace to line up a resume with a requirement. For example, if a resume's headline is 'Senior Software Architect' and the requirement is for a 'Java Architect', then make the resume match the Job Requirement.

Bullet Trimming: Consider removing bullets (list items) without matches. A smaller resume that more closely matches a job requirement will be better received.

Keywords in Brackets: If a resume is less technical, but you wish to draw attention to phrases like 'project management', then add the phrase 'project management' to the end of a sentence and surround it with brackets []. The tool strips out text in brackets but keeps the match.


Vadosity LLC is a small company that develops software. Works include:

Vadosity Resume Tailor

The Vadosity Resume Tailor tool allows you to rapidly tailor your resume to match a job requirement. Resume Tailor's Tech Stack: Java 16, Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Netflix Eureka, React.js, Docker, GitHub, Amazon AWS: Lambda, EC2, S3.

Maven Plugin for IIB Versions 9 & 10

Vadosity's founder completely overhauled a broken open source work and fully documented its use. This upgraded Maven plugin delivers a comprehensive Continuous Integration solution for IBM Integration Bus Versions 9.x and 10.x. This open source work evolved into a commercial product offered by Syntegrity Innovations.

A web application that enabled users to rate the fakeness, quality, and bias of online news articles. This Youtube video demonstrates the product's features. Java 8, Spring Boot, Mongo, JQuery, HTML, CSS, and Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), X509 Certs, and an AWS EC2 cloud deployment make up the product's core. An Amazon book documents the product's creation. Download a free PDF version here.

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About Vadosity LLC

Vadosity LLC is a Single-Member LLC incorporated in Virginia. It developes software for small-to-large vendors.